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Gamesys: Woman Clocks up £1.5k at Jackpotjoy Bingo!

LONDON, August 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Jackpotjoy have announced their latest big bingo winner. Mrs Christine L scooped £1,547 at the site’s ‘Round the Clock’ 75 ball game, declaring herself ‘delighted’ with her good fortune.

Round the Clock is just one of Jackpotjoy’s many bingo variants. The rules are the same as all 75 ball bingo games, with cards laid out in a 5×5 grid, each containing 24 numbers from 1 to 75.

To win, a specific pattern must be created from the marked numbers on the card. Each game is different, requiring its own unique pattern. Patterns are displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

But the real excitement comes from the bingo bonus games, which offer winning chances even after the game has ended. By buying a ticket for a qualifying bingo game, players will automatically be offered the chance to enter a bonus round. Players are randomly picked from all those holding tickets for the bonus game.

Each game is a little different, and refers to the specific game of bingo being played. In the case of our latest winner, the theme is ‘Round the Clock’.

Entering the bonus game certainly paid off for Christine, who gave a statement to Jackpotjoy to express her delight at winning. She had this to say:

“I’m delighted with the win… I have a heart condition so the surprise did not help but the win has made me very happy and I feel good now! Will have a good spending spree, have it all planned!”

We’re just glad her heart held out with the shock of it all. Head on over to Round the Clock bingo and see if you can be as lucky as Christine. Bonne chance!


The Gamesys Group was founded by Noel Hayden in April 2001 with a small team of developers. The aim was to build a profitable online entertainment business providing casino games, online bingo and slots.  Due to Jackpotjoy’s success in the UK the company has established international growth with bingo websites in Sweden and Botemania in Spain.

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