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The World of Bingo and F1

Formula One has a global audience of over 500 million viewers and, as you may already know, consists of a series of races known as “Grand Prix” where the highest class single seater racing cars compete and where the results are evaluated to finally determine the best driver and best car constructor annually for the World Championships. Formula One is a different world from the normally relaxed atmosphere of online bingo, however with the popularity of online bingo rising as fast as an F1 car, bingo has also gained a large amount of admirers and players.

Though the rules may differ from F1 and you may not be in a super-fast car to finish a race, when playing online bingo the aim of the game is the same; to win! And just as many like to bet on the cars and drivers to win prizes, bingo players bet on a set of numbers to win the pot. Online bingo may be compared to the F1 industry as more and more competition is currently on-going between an ever increasing numbers of Online Bingo providers to offer the highest class of bingo experience to the vast amount of players, similar to the competition between constructors like Mercedes, Red-Bull, Ferrari, Force India, McLaren etc.

Just as Grand Prix circuits extend beyond the boundaries of the European continent, online bingo has crossed the borders of continents and is now accessible to players from most parts of the world just like the audience of F1. And, like each constructor teams in F1 are working hard to make this high class racing world more sophisticated to promote driver skill and provide a better spectacle for the audience, in the same way online bingo providers are keen to offer the best possible bingo experience to all its players. For example Lucky Pants Bingo is currently providing an enhanced experience to bingo and slot players through desktops, mobiles and tablets so as to set and keep up the standard of the online bingo business and to offer the best possible gaming experience.

F1 fans usually follow their racing team everywhere over the world for each Grand Prix just to get a glimpse of the high speed racing machines and of their favourite drivers and often these fans forms a community where they interact between each other and share their views and predictions on upcoming F1 events. In the same way on bingo websites, players form communities where they share their experience and rejoice on the win of their friends and participate in different games together to win prizes or to chill out with the hosts in those bingo rooms.

On a global scale, followers of F1 far outnumber those of online bingo. Taking a look at latest stats and demographics, it was noted that Formula 1 is broadcast in around 200 countries with over 525 million of unique viewers. When it comes to online bingo, independent reports show that around 9 million Britons play online – 80% female and 20% male with the average age group revolving between 30 and 50. In the last decade, it has been noted that the percentage of players being younger than 45 has increased from 40% to 60%. Outside of the UK, there are over 100 million bingo players worldwide. Quite a lot but still a long way from the number of racing fans.

If you like fast cars, racing, betting, cheering, and the thrill of winning then you may as well consider playing bingo along with watching your favourite drivers take over the various Grand Prix. You will be guarantees to experience the same adrenalin rush as watching one your favourite car pass the finishing line to the chequered flag when you win a bingo game or you hit a jackpot on the various slots games.

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