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Tidy Swap Bingo Balls for Netballs in Sponsorship Deal

RIPON, England, May 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Tidy Bingo isn’t yet a year old but they’re trying hard to make an impact in the marketplace, and as every business knows, recognition is everything. As a new business, the site isn’t yet ready to sponsor a Premiership football team or similar to get their name known. However they have just announced that they will be sponsoring two netball teams from Ripon.

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Nickie Shute, one of the owners at Tidy Bingo has strong ties to the area, and set up a meeting between Tidy Bingo and the Ripon Rockets’ coach Helen Mackenzie. Together they signed a yearlong sponsorship deal between Tidy Bingo and the netball teams.

If you’re a fan of netball you can keep up on events on the Tidy Bingo blog where they’ll be covering fixtures and events, and any spectators to the matches will see the Tidy Bingo logo featured on the kit for the Ripon Rockets.

Netball is often thought of as a school sport, but it was a scheme run by England Netball to encourage ladies back to the game and playing more sport that brought the Ripon Rockets together. Coach Helen Mackenzie put the team together for the scheme, originally set to last just six weeks, but they had so much fun they set up a senior club.

The team plays in the second-division of the Harrogate District Netball League and get together for weekly training sessions. The Ripon Rockets seniors are racing up the second division and will be finding out this September if they’ve made it into the Premier Division. Understandably, Helen and the rest of the team are thankful to Tidy Bingo for all the support, but they’ve asked the Tidyers for a little bit more help too.

As mentioned, Tidy Bingo will actually be sponsoring two netball teams, one of them being the Ripon Rockets seniors. Now players at the brand have the chance to help name the second team who will also be sponsored by Tidy Bingo.

The Ripon Rockets Seniors follow the junior team of the same name and another junior team called the Ripon Comets, and there’s another team, the Ripon Eclipse. Working along this celestial theme Tidy Bingo are asking players right now to come up with names for the new team to kick off the sponsorship deal.

Tidy Bingo has already gained a lot of respect in the online bingo industry, as well as being nominated for a number of industry awards. With the Ripon Rockets also gaining momentum, it won’t be long before both are recognised as being top of their respective leagues.

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